Monday, 2 March 2015

Dinner Parties Crazy | emmainlapland

Hei everyone!

So, I haven't done anything overly exciting recently that I've felt requires blogging about, however I have been to quite a few dinner parties recently and so I've made the concious decision to write on big blog about them all.

Firstly, we had the German dinner party hosted by my lovely German friend Anneke! This was the beginning of a long line of dinner parties to come and the food was delicious. It was at this dinner party that we learned a game called Kems that is a French card game that involves working with a team mate attempting to get "kems" which is when you have 4 of the same cards. It is an aggressive game that involves ruining friendships and creating enemies. We love this game.

It consisted of a locally famous sauce made from several herbs and cream, served with boiled eggs and potatoes!

Secondly, we had the Scottish dinner party for Burns night! This of course consisted of traditional haggis neeps and tatties followed by some homemade shortbread. I think it went down well.

We then had a Turkish dinner party that conisted of some delicious chicken, salad and the most amazing potatoes you will ever have! This of course resulted in a game of Kems but this time we had two extra players which created a lot more tension and a lot more fun.

Following this was the French dinner party. Now if this was come dine with me, the French would probably have won the thousand pounds because this three course meal was incredible! To start we had salad and crips then for main a creamy chicken with rice and vegetarian ratatoulie. For dessert we ate milk chocolate cups filled with lemon moose and chocolate and raspberry cake. DELICIOUS!

Of course a few card games insued but mostly we spent our evening playing "Who am I?" where you have a post it note on your forehead and have to guess who you are. Too much fun!

The next dinner party was an Italian themed dinner that was also delicious. Here we had a German/French pizza dish to start followed by anchovie pasta or vegetarian rissotto. I opted for risotto because anchovies make my skin crawl. Although I hear from the fish lovers that the pasta was amazing.

We played many games this evening too, but perhaps the most hilarous one was a game where you hit your opponent on the head with a teaspoon in your mouth. For some reason I couldn't understand why my opponent was hitting my head harder than I was hitting hers. It wasn't until later that I discovered this was because a third person was hitting me on the head with his hand. It doesn't sound as funny written down as it really was, but honestly, we were all in tears laughing.

Most recently we had a sushi party. Now I'm not a fish person, nor am I a seaweed person or a sushi person in general so I made special fried rice for everyone and helped to prepare the sushi. It looked amazing though and we were all very pleased with how nice it was and I hear from reliable sources that it tasted as good as it looked.

Thanks for reading guys!

I promise to write a new blog soon because I actually had a semi exciting weekend!

Until then, moi moi!

Emma x

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