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Husky Sledging! | emmainlapland


Yes, I know, this is late. I've just been so bloody lazy with writing my blog recently! 

I think I said I would do a little one about what I got up to over christmas but I've changed my mind. In short, I ate my weight in food and drank alcohol whilst spending as much time as possible with all my loved ones before I came back to Rovaniemi. 

This blog shall update you on my trip getting here, and the first two weeks back in Lapland - enjoy! 

My best friend joined me on my travels back to Finland and so together we set off on the gruelling adventure that it is getting here. 

Our first stop was Copenhagen in which we had 6 hours or so to kill. In that time we ventured out to see the little mermaid statue and a trip to McDonalds. We also ended up in a Guiness world records museum which was pretty cool! 

From Copenhagen we flew to Helsinki. Helsinki was an overnight stop, a stop I made on the way home. I knew what I was getting myself into but my friend didn't and so she kind of struggled spending the night in the airport. 

Early the following morning we left for Rovamiemi! When we arrived there it was still dark - as to be expected, but also incredibly cold. Colder than I remember it being. 

We quickly hopped in a taxi and came home for a well deserved nap. That day wasn't spent doing much, mainly just recovering from our journey here. 

The next day was my friend's birthday. We had a big breakfast before heading into town for shopping and food. I forced my friend to try reindeer - she wasn't impressed. 

That night I invited some of my erasmus friends round for drinks before we headed into the city centre. It was a great night that as all great nights should end, ended in a drunken trip to McDonalds! 

The next day I somehow managed to get myself to uni for 9am! It wasn't without a struggle of course and so when I got home I accidentally napped for 4 hours! In the evening we went to sauna and as far as I can remember we just spent it chilling. 

The following day was also more relaxed. We went into town for more shopping and went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. 

But the following day was anything but relaxed because we went husky sledging!! 

This day is literally up there as one of the best days of my life. Hands down. 

We got picked up by the company who we booked our trip with at 8am, we then went to the shop to get overalls, boots and all the snow gear we could ever possibly need to wear. Then they took us to the husky farm. 

We were given instructions on what to do - how to work the sledge and control the dogs etc then we were set free! Well, free-ish. We followed a snowmobile as  6 dogs pulled us along a 20km snow trail.  It was amazing. 

After our amazing trip we then went to Santa's village which was magical as always! We even met santa (this will be my third meeting with santa - im keen I know). My friend didn't really enjoy santa, she said it creeped her out but I loved it! 

The next day was spent preparing for my friends departure. This mainly consisted of us reading our books and lying about chilling. She left really early the following day. 

I speant the next week getting back into the swing of things. I went to classes, caught up with friends, drank too much alcohol and went to the sauna. All in all, a successful start back to my life in Lapland! 

My hair froze!!

Thanks for reading guys! I will try and blog more often!! 

Moi moi ❤️

Emma x

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