Friday, 12 September 2014

Week 2 in Lapland

Hi guys! 

So to keep you guys up to date here's a wee run down of my second week in Lapland. 

At the end of last week I went to see a fire show in the city centre. It was actually pretty good! It was basically just 3 men waving about firey sticks and making it look pretty but it impressed me none the less.

On Saturday it was one of my friends birthday. So to celebrate we had an "international food" style lunch in which I of course made haggis! There were also cakes and wine and pasta and chicken and it was just great! 

In the evening we went out for drinks and walked home seeing a slight glimpse of the Aurora Borialis again.

On Sunday we went bowling at Santa Sport (I know!) 

It was really good fun but I'm utter rubbish at bowling and obviously came last. It was still great fun regardless and it wasn't particularly expensive so I would probably go again.

The start of the week was pretty uneventful. I haven't got classes yet because most of my studies are self taught... Which kinda sucks and is a bit strange, so I don't have classes lectures until October. In the mean time I've taken to eating the cheap uni lunch every day but I do plan on going to the library to study every day too.

Wednesday saw the Fuksiaiset party which is the freshman party. This was the most fun I've had since arriving in Lapland. The idea is, you are split into groups mixed with new Finnish students and you follow a map leading you to checkpoints. It's pretty much just a drinking orienteering thing but it's great fun and I met even more lovely people. Some of the tasks we had to do were hilarious including creating a rap, creating a play, running around in a circle with a giant stick and using a pair of tights with a tennis ball in them to kick another tennis ball across a line. There was an after party at the local night club too which was probably overpriced and definitely had terrible music but a laugh regardless. 

The sexy blue overalls that a few of us are wearing are actually a big thing at the university. They have different ones for different facultys but mine are for exchange students. You apparently collect badges over the year and the more you have the more cool you look... Or something. 

Yesterday I was pretty hungover but I still managed to do my laundry and eat pancakes with my friends so it wasn't quite so bad! 

Today I plan to set up my Finnish bank account and there's also apparently a garden party tonight! 

Thanks for reading guys, I'll be sure to update you on more of my Lapland adventures soon!

Emma x

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