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Hey guys!

So this blog is going to be about the awesome weekend I had in Norway.

I don't have much planned for this week other than going to uni and doing laundry so my next update will be next week upon my return from St Petersburg in Russia!

But first... North cape!

So we left at around 11.30am on the Friday morning and began our long, long car journey north. There was 16 of us going to north cape and so we had rented 2 people carriers to take us there. I was in an all girls car with 8 other people and it actually wasn't too bad!!

On several occasions during our 9 hour adventure, herds (is that the right term?) of reindeer crossed our path and I got far too excited about it!

When we eventually arrived at our cabins we set out to make a gigantic meal for all us which consisted of pasta, meatballs and suace. We also began the military operation of making sandwiches... Lots and lots of sandwiches for our lunch the next day, before we chilled out in the huge sitting area playing piano and watching the northern lights. It was a really nice end to a long day.

This place also had a mini museum style area in which there was loads of Norwegian history and culture set in a kind of gallery. It was pretty cool for a little camp site! 

The following day we woke up to a beautiful and stunning morning. The view was amazing and pretty breath taking.

We then began our adventure to North Cape on another long car trip. On the way we stopped at some nice places to take photos and just enjoy the scenery which was really good! Plus it split up the travelling and it was great just to stretch your legs and get some fresh air. 

After about 5 hours on the road we had finally arrived at our destination. North Cape is the most northern point in Europe as well as being a place with some gorgeous scenery and beautiful mountains. 

I took several photos whilst there but here are some of the best ones 

On our journey back to the camp site we stopped at a place called Trollholmsund. I'm not entirely sure on why it's called that... Something to do with trolls and perhaps to do with the shape of some of the rocks? In any case  we went on a short hike up this troll place (I am truly amazingwith words, I know) and the views there were just astounding. There's not much else I can say other than to tell you to look at the photos. Breathtaking. 

By the time we reached camp it was pretty much bed time. We were all too tired to do much other than grab a quick bite to eat and then sleep. 

Our journey home was another long day but it was split up with a few stops for photos and to see the rock art at Alta. 

I think, particularly in Alta, where the ancient rock carvings were, the scenery looks an awful lot like Scotland... Scarily so. 

There wasn't really much to be said about the rock art. It was pretty cool that it was created over 9,000 years ago but other than the carvings done in red, a lot of the art you couldn't really see and so it wasn't exactly exciting. 

We later stopped at a gorgeous waterfall/rock/mountain thing... Again I'm so great with my words. Have more photos! 

By the time I got home on Sunday night I was beyond knackered! But it was overall  and awesome trip with brilliant people and stunning views. I would definitely recommend anyone who is thinking of visiting Norway to do so! 

Catch you all next week with my Russian  adventure blog! 

Thanks guys :)

Emma x

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