Sunday, 2 November 2014

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Hey everyone!

Last time I blogged I filled you in on my week of birthday fun when my boyfriend came to visit and said I would update you all when I next had something exciting to say... so here we go!

I should really start writing what I do down because quite often I forget or forget the order in which it happened, so apologies in advance here.

The weather was really crappy last week. It was SO SO SO frigging cold. Cycling in -10 degrees was never something I assumed I would do but I did! There's always a silver lining of course and that came in the form of the beautiful frozen lakes near where I live. At one point, my friend and I stopped cycling just to admire its beauty and we even got to see/hear big chunks of it crack under the heat of the sun. It really was stunning.

Of course, with such cold temperatures, it did end up snowing. I love snow, I just am not ready to give up cycling yet even if the snow does look so Christmasy.

Last Saturday (October 25th) myself and a few friends took a walk out in the snow to go see the Korundi art gallery. The art was very modern and not what I expected but I did enjoy myself. At the end of our trip around the art gallery there was a live classical orchestra playing and so we had a coffee and listened to that. I say listened because we could not find a seat for us all to watch them play.

After the gallery we had a party to go to. This party was a traditional Finnish party called a sit-sit (google it). We basically had to follow loads of rules, sing songs, eat food and drink a ton of alcohol. It was great fun. I didn't take many photos in the sit-sit because we weren't supposed to and then my phone died. After the sit-sit we went to a nightclub.

The next day we decided that best hangover solution was to go on a hike in the snow. It was more of a walk than a hike but was a great cure regardless. We had a BBQ as well which was definitely needed.

For the most part of this week I didn't do very much other than go to class. However I did take many selfies, photos of the sunset/sunrise and random art so...

 Friday 31st of October saw Halloween swing round again and so of course I had no option but to dress as a giraffe! We went to a fire sculpture show in the evening to see people set fire to sculptures - obviously. Later my friend had a little Halloween party in her flat and so we all got together to drink alcohol and be "scary".

Yesterday (Saturday 1st of November) myself a 4 friends rented a car and decided to take a trip to Sweden! About 2 hours or so away from where I live is the border to Sweden and so of course we had to go at some point. First we drove to a place called Kemi before hitting Tornio which on the Finnish side of the border and Haparanda which is on the Swedish side. 

It goes without saying that we went to Ikea. We couldn't not go to Ikea. We spent the most of our other time wandering around aimlessly and throwing ice into more ice and being amused by it. Truly it is the simple things.

And that's about it! Next week I am going to Helsinki and Tallinn (Estonia) and so there shall be a nice exciting blog next time to tell you all about it.


Emma x

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